A relation-based credit reference platform for West Africa.

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A relation-based credit reference platform for West Africa

Bascule helps businesses transact online, track financial activity and reconcile information against external sources of information. The application aggregates the contents of several underlying accounts, which could be mobile money, bank accounts, or cryptocurrency wallets. Bascule builds up a picture of how the business operates, allowing a business user to better understand performance and present external parties with a coherent report of business affairs.


Informal businesses employ a wide range of human potential and represent a great opportunity to revitalise West African economies. Bascule offers many benefits to stakeholders:


Businesses use the app to manage their transactions and to plan their activities. The app accumulates a verifiable record of business activity, providing reputation information that can be presented to financial institutions in order to gain access to banking services.


Banks rely on reports from the app in order to make credit decisions. This enables banks to tap in to new markets, find clients who were previously excluded from the banking sector, and assess the credit worthiness of new clients.

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